Guatemala Day Two

On the second day of Guatemala, we had to be ready by 6:30 A.M. It seems that every morning it got earlier and earlier. 😉 As we were walking to the truck, We went to the village of Pinalito. While we were there we helped install two water tanks to two different families. One was the pastor of the church village. The other was just a really nice family. We had to drive to the church and then hike to these two houses which were miles apart from each other. Adam hiked to the first one with us but got sick and a little boy led him back to the truck wile we went to the next house. While we were at the first family’s house, they dusted off their stump seats for us to sit down. We waved “no, no. It’s okay” but they insisted. They treated us like celebrities or royalty. It was hard to see that. I wanted so bad to tell them, we’re just like you!  While at the second house they also gave us chairs to sit in while some of the guys installed the water tanks. They gave us oranges off of their orange tree and it was the best orange I’ve ever had! Also while we were there, they ran out of the kitchen offering Andrew and I corn juice and bread, which we respectfully declined.. But it was so sweet of them to get so excited to bring us something to eat! After that and taking some pictures with them we headed back down to the mountain to the church. There, David insisted that we eat lunch before serving the kids. As we got out our sandwiches, they all gathered around us and climbed on the truck and watched us eat. I told David that I wouldn’t be able to do that anymore. I couldn’t sit and watch a child watch me eat that hadn’t eaten. Jesus first. Others second. Yourself last. After we ate, we all went into the church and one of the people who lived in the village brought out the food. We sent the money in advance and they bought the ingredients and prepared it! They made a chicken gumbo with white rice and three tortillas each.  We served all of the kids and the parents too! Also in Guatemala, it’s part of their culture that when the children turn five, they start taking care of their younger siblings. I noticed that when I looked around to make sure everyone had a plate to try to avoid what happened the day before, there was a girl feeding her little sister. I also noticed that her little sister had Downs Syndrome. Anyone that knows me knows that that’s where my heart is. I love all special needs people but something about Downs Syndrome kids just melts my heart to pieces and I want to take them home with me! The older sister was probably anywhere from eight to ten while the younger sister was anywhere from ten months to a year old. The older sister selflessly fed this little girl. Most of the other children feed themselves a bite and then their sibling and so on. This little girl had her food set to the side while she fed her younger sister. A mixture of things ran through my head but all of a sudden the Lord told me “Alex go feed that girl so her sister can eat”. Being the stubborn person that I am, I of course didn’t listen at first. I though yeah right and how embarrassing will it be trying to ask her if she needs help when I can’t speak a lick of Spanish. I proceeded to walk around making sure everyone had food. I looked up and saw that sweet girl smile at me, still feeding her younger sister like it was no bother at all. I felt it again, go feed that little girl. So I went up to David and asked him if he could ask the little girl in Spanish if she wanted me to feed her little sister so she could eat. She accepted, and while her sister was hesitant at first, she smiled at me with those big brown eyes and went in for a bite. Every time I look at either of them, they smiled so big! I sat on my knees for forty-five minutes while she ate and enjoyed every bit of it! When she was done, I walked away with her plate. Her mother ran up to me and asked if she could take it home for later. Of course I gave it back to her. That little girl taught me so much about selflessness and putting other’s first. I will always remember both of them! After they ate, we watched them sing all of their songs they’ve learned. David wasn’t kidding when he told us that they would sing every song. But I loved it! Then we stood outside of the church while the preacher’s wife made a list of all of the kids and announced their name and they came out and got their goodie bags. Their faces just lit up! Something so small meant so much to them! Even us just being there made their day. And ours too! Then the preacher’s wife announced the parent’s names and they got a blanket and we also had some women’s flip flops to hand out! When it was time to go I held the little girl that I got to feed and took a picture with her and her sister. A lady came up to Susan with her baby and wanted to pray with her so I also got to hold her baby! She was beautiful or as I told her, muy bonita! 😉 Then we told them all goodbye and drove away with broken yet joy filled hearts. This ride was also twice as ride as the day before and we were happy to eventually get back on solid ground. Adam unfortunately didn’t make it to dinner that night as he was still sick but we had meatloaf. And after that, David took us back to our hotel to prepare for our next day! And we had to get up even earlier.. 😉

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