Guatemala Day Three

On the third day of being in Guatemala we had to get up super early! I think it was something like six?! We had to look a little nicer today because we were going to the dump, to feed the kids that are usually at the dump, and to David’s church. David got there to get us and we headed for the dump. There, we saw some eye opening things. We saw a little boy walking in only a t shirt-no pants and no shoes. There was glass everywhere. My heart broke and I was truly in shock. The other kids we had seen so far this week might have been poor but they had what they needed and were happy. This little boy was crying. He wasn’t happy. And all I could think about was why this little boy. Why did he have to live this way. He was also eating something that seemed to be submerged in a dirty bowl of water. We handed out treat bags to the few people that were there. We all walked away with our heads down, some crying; some confused. We started talking with David about what we could do to help. There were two guys there with us from the local church. They called the man over the dump and asked him how much the water tank costs to fill up each week. He said that it’s $5 per family twice a week. We started talking about how we could raise that easily in our church and send the money down for it once a month. When this was translated back to the owners, the price jumped up to $5 four times a week. After thinking about this, we didn’t want to be sending down money for this and the owner still taking money from these poor families so we decided not to do that. We got back on the bus still chatting about what had happened and what we saw. We then drove to the nearby area where the families that are usually at the dump come for breakfast. We pulled up with the windows down and I noticed immediately a little boy in a yellow shirt. He yelled “hola gringos”. Which is a derogatory word for foreigners. Lol. Β He was so cute and had the biggest smile! We got off of the bus and went over to the area where the people were cooking. Once again, we sent down money prior so they could buy the food to cook. This morning we served the kids eggs, black beans, tortillas, and bread. It looked pretty good! But of course I didn’t eat any. The owner of the dump(the man we talked to about water) was there and James being James went up to him and asked him how did that change from twice a week to four times a week to which he responded “you just didn’t understand”. He then told James that he had to wash his own plate in the sink. We served the children and when they were done, we handed out their goodie bags and coloring pages. The little boy in the yellow came up to me and said “como se llama?” Which means what is your name? I told him me llama Alex. (my name is Alex) Then he wanted to know Susan’s name and then he introduced us to his brother Carlos. They were such cute, sweet boys. We really bonded with them! All of the kids including Carlos and Oscar kept coming up to me and saying photo photo photo! So we took lots of pictures together! I got to hold one little girl with a little sore on her nose. It really broke my heart because it didn’t look good and it’s nothing a little neosporin wouldn’t fix in the U.S. I would’ve given anything to have had something with me that day to put on it to make it better. When it was time to go every kid flocked around us grinning from ear to ear as they embraced these people that they didn’t even know. I’ll never forget the feeling of their arms wrapped around me. And all I could think of to myself is “I’ve done absolutely nothing”. All these kids wanted was to not feel forgotten and abandoned. I hugged and hugged these kids and David was saying “lets go”. I said David how can I say no to these kids that just want a hug? So I finished my hugs and we all hopped back on the bus and headed to church! We started out my singing in Spanish of course we didn’t sing but we listened and it was beautiful! One of the ladies at the church told me that I was muy Bonita which is very beautiful and I thought that was so sweet! After church David and Vickie had a surprise lunch for us. They took us to a steakhouse that had horses in the back. They ordered for us and we had a potato, black beans, avocado, green onions, steak, and chicken. It was amazing! After we ate, we got on the bus and rode back to our hotel. This night, we had chow mein and since I don’t like Chinese food, I brought Chef Boyardee that I brought with me from home! πŸ™‚ It was fun and Adam shared his devotion this night and he also loved the chow mein! Also on this night, Terry got sick and had to have David take him back to the hotel. When we got back to our hotel that night, I opened my nightly letter and then sat outside on the patio with everyone! I think that might have been one of my favorite parts of the whole trip; was sitting outside with everyone and talking at night. πŸ™‚ After I wrote in my journal, I went to bed!

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