Guatemala Day Four!

On the fourth day of being in Guatemala, we painted the upstairs room of David’s house where missionaries are going to stay once it’s done. We got it done pretty quickly and towards the end, I went downstairs and helped Kimberly get the lice out of David’s grand kids’ hair. After that, Andrew, Adam, and James grilled hamburgers and hot dogs for lunch. Then, we went back to our hotel and showered and washed our own hair in the lice shampoo just to be safe. Then that night we went about forty-five minutes away to Pollo Campero (a chicken restaurant) and the mall. Pollo Campero was so good! It tasted like Chick Fil A. Then we went to the mall to buy David a new belt and Vickie some new shoes. After that we went back to our hotel and hung out and went to bed to get ready for our next and final day of ministry!

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My name is Alex. I'm 21 and I love my family with all of my heart! I have two nieces, Audrey and Ava. I'm just trying to find out where the Lord wants me to go next! :)