Guatemala Day Five

On the fifth day of being in Guatemala, we were all a little sad and excited to get up that morning because we knew it would be the last time we slept in Guatemala on this trip. I was ready to get home but I had the time of my life while I was there. Also, this morning I was feeling a little moody and like I wouldn’t enjoy or get as much out of this day because I was ready to go. Boy was I wrong. We drove on a bus for four hours to a church. Then, one of the friends of the preacher led us up to the village which was another hour away. Then we rode in the back of a pickup truck to the villages that were further back which was another long drive. Then we took a forty-five minute hike to the homes of the people receiving the blankets. The friend of the preacher that led us was so nice. There were actually two of them. They wouldn’t let us carry the blankets, they gave us umbrellas to hold over us since it was 100 degrees. When we finally got to the homes, they all ran around like they had been waiting on us. Again, a little grouchy I had to use the bathroom so I asked for the banos. A little girl who was very dirty with no shoes on led me to the bathroom. It was quite a walk from their house and when we got there it was, like the rest we had seen that week, a little rough. I opened the tin door as far as I could and slid through t he small crack it made. The toilet was a big piece of wood with a hole in it. I teared up a little thinking about how negative I’d been all day and this is what they have as a bathroom. I told myself that I was going to change my attitude for the rest of the day from then on. I finished my business and walked out and we headed back down to where everyone else was (the little girl waited on me). When we got back down to everyone else, they were all mingling and talking to each other best they could. I went up to a little girl holding her little sister and asked her if I could hold her. She gave her to me but she didn’t let me hold her long before she wanted her back. Oh, I forgot to mention that we were the second North Americans ever to be in this village, David being the first.

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