August Fourth

Write a memory from more than ten years ago.

What perfect timing. August fourth is my Papaw Mac’s birthday. So I thought, what a better story to tell? I grew up living a football field away from my grandparents. What kid doesn’t want that? I loved it! They would always keep Popsicles in their freezers. In the refrigerator/freezer upstairs and in the deep freezer in the basement. I was only four at the time so my mom would walk there with me to get a popsicle every now and then and we usually went down to the basement because we knew it was always stocked! This particular day, for some reason, we went to the kitchen to get one. As soon as we got back out to our house, we saw an ambulance pull to the basement of their house. My dad immediately threw his shoes on and ran. I remember standing on the porch eating my popsicle and I had my arm wrapped around the wooden pole of the porch. That’s all I remember besides seeing my dad run for the first (and only) time. I think I only remember those few parts because while I was so young, this was traumatic. My dad apparently beat the ambulance to the hospital that day. And that doesn’t surprise me. My mamaw had hollered down to my papaw who was in the basement fixing the water heater and never got an answer.. When she went down to see what was wrong, he was in the floor. He died from a heart attack that day. June 12, 2000 . A memory from over 10 years ago that I’ll never forget. But I’m very thankful that I didn’t go down to that basement that day.

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My name is Alex. I'm 21 and I love my family with all of my heart! I have two nieces, Audrey and Ava. I'm just trying to find out where the Lord wants me to go next! :)