Slow Down Part 2

Slow down…. part dos.

Continuation of slowing down.. Funny story. The morning after the night that I wrote this, I woke up late for work. As I was rushing to get my things together and head out, I stopped and thought about the blog post I had just written and I thought to myself.. work will still be there. So that morning, I drove to work in the right lane of Alcoa highway and looked at everything around me that I could. The sunrise, the fields, the cars and other people rushing to work and I had a better day that day than I had in a long time. I was just generally happier. At some point during that day I couldn’t get the song “slow down” by Nichole Nordeman. That song makes me so emotional for several reasons. Every time I hear it I think about me growing up, my nieces growing up SO fast, my little buddy Spencer growing up, my mom getting older.. and I lose it every time. I also think it has something to do with just recently moving out and not seeing my mom every single day. She’s my best friend and it’s hard to go from seeing her ALL the time to MAYBE seeing her once a day.. and  i love watching my nieces grow up just not so fast. I can’t believe how far my Audji has come on so many things. Ava is still in her little sweet, innocent baby phase but starting to come out of it and I’m just have a hard time grasping it all. If I could pause time for a split second, I would in a heartbeat.

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My name is Alex. I'm 21 and I love my family with all of my heart! I have two nieces, Audrey and Ava. I'm just trying to find out where the Lord wants me to go next! :)

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