August Sixth

Write about your first car


My first car was a 2003 Silver Nissan Altima named Paisley. It had amazing bass and a bose stereo. My mom bought it for herself from a lady she worked with and gave it to me when I turned 16. I drove it for 3 years until I bought my Jeep. There were a lot of memories made in that little gal!

Slow Down Part 2

Slow down…. part dos.

Continuation of slowing down.. Funny story. The morning after the night that I wrote this, I woke up late for work. As I was rushing to get my things together and head out, I stopped and thought about the blog post I had just written and I thought to myself.. work will still be there. So that morning, I drove to work in the right lane of Alcoa highway and looked at everything around me that I could. The sunrise, the fields, the cars and other people rushing to work and I had a better day that day than I had in a long time. I was just generally happier. At some point during that day I couldn’t get the song “slow down” by Nichole Nordeman. That song makes me so emotional for several reasons. Every time I hear it I think about me growing up, my nieces growing up SO fast, my little buddy Spencer growing up, my mom getting older.. and I lose it every time. I also think it has something to do with just recently moving out and not seeing my mom every single day. She’s my best friend and it’s hard to go from seeing her ALL the time to MAYBE seeing her once a day.. and  i love watching my nieces grow up just not so fast. I can’t believe how far my Audji has come on so many things. Ava is still in her little sweet, innocent baby phase but starting to come out of it and I’m just have a hard time grasping it all. If I could pause time for a split second, I would in a heartbeat.

August Fifth

Do you have a favorite athletic event?


My favorite athletic event would have to be baseball. I love watching anyone or any team play baseball. I also love the memories of my family going to all the Smokies games.

August Fourth

Write a memory from more than ten years ago.

What perfect timing. August fourth is my Papaw Mac’s birthday. So I thought, what a better story to tell? I grew up living a football field away from my grandparents. What kid doesn’t want that? I loved it! They would always keep Popsicles in their freezers. In the refrigerator/freezer upstairs and in the deep freezer in the basement. I was only four at the time so my mom would walk there with me to get a popsicle every now and then and we usually went down to the basement because we knew it was always stocked! This particular day, for some reason, we went to the kitchen to get one. As soon as we got back out to our house, we saw an ambulance pull to the basement of their house. My dad immediately threw his shoes on and ran. I remember standing on the porch eating my popsicle and I had my arm wrapped around the wooden pole of the porch. That’s all I remember besides seeing my dad run for the first (and only) time. I think I only remember those few parts because while I was so young, this was traumatic. My dad apparently beat the ambulance to the hospital that day. And that doesn’t surprise me. My mamaw had hollered down to my papaw who was in the basement fixing the water heater and never got an answer.. When she went down to see what was wrong, he was in the floor. He died from a heart attack that day. June 12, 2000 . A memory from over 10 years ago that I’ll never forget. But I’m very thankful that I didn’t go down to that basement that day.

August Third

“Just when the caterpillar thought the world was ending, he turned into a butterfly”

I love love love this. I’m almost always to my point of breaking when things shoot up out of nowhere and start going great again. I think this happens because God wants us to know that no matter how far we go or have gone, he’s still there and always will be. This is another thing I’m remembering through this stupid battle with depression!


August Second

What are you grateful for today?


Today I’m grateful for the love my nieces have for each other. Audrey is three and Ava is one and up until recently, Ava has been crazy about Audrey but Audrey didn’t quite feel the same way. Lately, Audrey has been head over heels for Ava and thinks she hung the moon. They’re definitely going to grow up being the best of friends! I remember my older sisters loving me so much and now I get to watch that through my lovely nieces and for that, I am grateful. 🙂

August First

One goal for August-write it down!

My one goal for August would have to be to get all of my mental health under control. Between depression, anxiety, and as of lately, irritability, it’s been hard to wake up in the mornings motivated to do things. I’m hoping to get all of that under control or somewhat under control by the end of August!

Slow down

This morning as I was driving, I got to thinking about how I always have to pass everyone when I’m driving. As much as I hate to admit it, I may have a wee bit of a lead foot and well, it doesn’t really get you where you’re going any faster. I got to thinking about how I always need to be going faster than everyone around me yet, when I get to the next red light, the car that I passed three miles back isn’t too far behind me. This lead me to think about how I do the same thing going through life. I’m constantly on the go and in a hurry and never take time to just enjoy the moment that I’m in. Life in a big picture is just the same. Some rush through life and have to be ahead of everyone but in all reality, they aren’t too far behind you. They’re just enjoying little things a little more. It’s okay to want more in life and strive to be better than you were yesterday but it’s also okay to just enjoy where you are and take it all in. So tomorrow when I’m on my way to work, I’m going to drive in the slow lane and enjoy what’s around me… and I guarantee that I’ll still make it on time. 😉               

Guatemala Day Five

On the fifth day of being in Guatemala, we were all a little sad and excited to get up that morning because we knew it would be the last time we slept in Guatemala on this trip. I was ready to get home but I had the time of my life while I was there. Also, this morning I was feeling a little moody and like I wouldn’t enjoy or get as much out of this day because I was ready to go. Boy was I wrong. We drove on a bus for four hours to a church. Then, one of the friends of the preacher led us up to the village which was another hour away. Then we rode in the back of a pickup truck to the villages that were further back which was another long drive. Then we took a forty-five minute hike to the homes of the people receiving the blankets. The friend of the preacher that led us was so nice. There were actually two of them. They wouldn’t let us carry the blankets, they gave us umbrellas to hold over us since it was 100 degrees. When we finally got to the homes, they all ran around like they had been waiting on us. Again, a little grouchy I had to use the bathroom so I asked for the banos. A little girl who was very dirty with no shoes on led me to the bathroom. It was quite a walk from their house and when we got there it was, like the rest we had seen that week, a little rough. I opened the tin door as far as I could and slid through t he small crack it made. The toilet was a big piece of wood with a hole in it. I teared up a little thinking about how negative I’d been all day and this is what they have as a bathroom. I told myself that I was going to change my attitude for the rest of the day from then on. I finished my business and walked out and we headed back down to where everyone else was (the little girl waited on me). When we got back down to everyone else, they were all mingling and talking to each other best they could. I went up to a little girl holding her little sister and asked her if I could hold her. She gave her to me but she didn’t let me hold her long before she wanted her back. Oh, I forgot to mention that we were the second North Americans ever to be in this village, David being the first.